10 Types of Foot Baths and Which Health Problems They Can Solve

It’s not necessary to go to a spa professional to get a treatment that will give you a range of health benefits. Foot soaks can be prepared at very little expense and with ingredients that can be found in every household (they rarely require more than 5 things). These remedies can stimulate blood circulationhelp heal certain diseases, and have a powerful effect on your mind and body.

A nice bonus is, when making your own foot soakyou are free to change the concentration of ingredients, and this way get more benefits and reduce the risk of skin irritation caused by the addition of chemicals.

The BrightSide team shares 10 magic foot bath recipes that work great for different health purposes.

Contrast baths for swollen feet

10 Types of Foot Baths and Which Health Problems They Can Solve

The different temperatures of water will work great in encouraging better blood circulation in the feet. Though, make sure the water you use is not too hot.

Take 2 buckets and fill half of the first with hot and half of the second with cold water. Soak your feet in the hot water for 10 minutes, then put them for another 10-12 minutes to the bucket of cold water. Switch back to the hot water and keep your feet there for 5 more minutes.

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