12 Little-Known Ways You Can Use Hot Water Bottles

A simple hot water bottle can help a baby fall asleep faster, can ease period cramps, and can relieve neck pain. Apparently, this staple for many households has way more uses than we ever knew: from reducing anxiety to curing different types of discomfort in your body.

BrightSide cares about the health of our readers. So, when we found out about these awesome properties of hot water bottles, we couldn’t just hide them from you guys. Small or big, just choose a comfortable size for your hot water bottle and use it whenever your body calls for it!

1. Help your baby fall asleep faster.

12 Little-Known Ways You Can Use Hot Water Bottles

Babies are sensitive to temperature changes and they love to sleep in a warm room. This is why they might start crying when they are out of their mother’s hands, in a cold bed. A simple little trick could help your baby fall asleep with comfort and help save your nerves and your time. Fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water and place it down next to the baby’s legs. Alternatively, you can also use the bottle to warm up the bed and leave it there for the baby to hug.

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