15 Foods Children Shouldn’t Eat and What You Can Give Them Instead

Every year around 100 infants get sick in the US with infant botulism, an illness caused by a bacteria found in honey. It can seriously affect kids’ immune systems that are not strong enough yet. There are even more foods that we consume daily which are thought to be seemingly harmless for children, but studies have shown that they can be potentially dangerous for them.

BrightSide after thorough research, gathered some of the most common edible things that look innocent, but can become unhealthy hazards for our precious little humans.

1. Fruit juice drinks, sodas, and sports drinks

15 Foods Children Shouldn’t Eat and What You Can Give Them Instead

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics’s guidelines, children under the age of one year should never drink juice, while older ones can be allowed to drink it, their consumption should be limited. Sodas and sports drinks are a “no” because of the brominated vegetable oil that they contain which can lead to bromine toxicity and affect kids’ nervous systems, skin, and memory. Additionally, both drinks contain a high amount of calories and sugar which can cause cavities and doesn’t provide any vitamins or minerals.

Alternatively, make your kids a nutritious fruit smoothie with milk or yogurt to add a milkshaky flavor or fizzy water for a homemade healthy soda-like drink.

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