19 Food Hacks We’ve Tried and Loved

Dust in cereal is actually quite easy to get rid of, and so are flies that fly around your food during the summer months. Finding unusual yet helpful tools in ordinary things is always a good idea, especially when it comes to handling certain products so that they keep bringing you tasty joy for longer. These hacks are cheap, uncomplicated, mess-free, and fun!

BrightSide always seeks extraordinary ways to simplify life, and many of the tricks we’ve found have become our favorite life hacks! We’re sure this collection of precious tips will be a good addition to your own life hack arsenal.

1. Always have a perfectly cool drink on hand

during hot seasons.

20 Food Hacks We’ve Tried and Loved

Fill 1/4 of a bottle with water so when it’s put on its side, the water stays just below the bottle’s neck. Then put the bottles in a freezer. When you need a cold drink, just take one of the bottles out, fill it up with anything you like, and enjoy a perfectly chilled drink.

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