8 Foods That Are Always Worth Spending Extra Money On

The food we eat every day affects our health. And because of that, good nutrition choices are an essential part of having a healthy lifestyle. Even if you’re trying to save money, some things are worth the extra cash. Splurging on food doesn’t mean buying caviar and champagne, it means paying a higher price for better quality and more nutritious products.

We at BrightSide decided to figure out which items are worth budgeting a little more for, so that you can have a guilt-free shopping day.

1. Fresh and higher quality meat

8 Foods That Are Always Worth Spending Extra Money On

If you want to indulge yourself, a quality piece of meat is always a great idea. It’s true that you have to pay more for better meat, but it’s also tastier and healthier. And cheap meat is sometimes injected with saltwater so the seller can charge more for less product.

When choosing meat, look for a nice fresh cut that is firm, dry, and has a clear red color. Also opt for a piece with fat and “marbling,” for a guaranteed juicy steak and a more delicious taste.

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